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General terms of rent

On behalf of the owner, Alfaz del Sol Services sl is hereinafter

the landlord, engaged for renting out holiday apartments.

The properties for rent are exclusively for vacational purpose

and only for the agreed period. See term number 5. The property

can not be used for business purposes.


Ruled  by Spanish Iaw

The terms of rent are according to Spanish law.


Reservation, price and payment

The reservation might be done either by internet, e-mail, phone

or letter, and is binding as from the moment it is done.

The price is for the rent for the agreed period and <loes not cover

water, electricity or cleaning upon departure, unless other is accorded.

Additional services ordered will be charged in addition.

Renta! period inferior to 4 weeks shall be paid in advance, at the latest

2 weeks upon arrival, unless otherwise is accorded. When the renta!

period is superior of 4 weeks, the following 4 weeks should be paid 

1 week before the next period.

If the payment conditions aren't respected , the landlord can cancel

the agreement without further warning. Alfaz del Sol Services considers

Jack of payment as a breach of the agreement.

If the tenant does not fulfill his commitments during the renta! period,

the landlord is entitled to charge a fine equal double rent for each day

after the renta! agreement has expired, until the tenant leaves the

property according to his  obligations.


Number of occupants

The apartment can not be used by more people than accorded at the

reservation time.


Rental period

The rental period is normally from 15 o'clock at the day of arrival with check

in and delivery of keys between

15 and 17 o'clock. Check out is at 10 o'clock on the day of departure. Ifthere

is arrival and departure at any other time, this has to be accorded in advance.

The renta! period is for the accorded time and the tenant can not demand it

to be extended. At departure the tenant has to leave the apartment in the

same condition as it was upon arrival.


Linen and towels

The apartment is equipped with linen and towels according to the amount of people it has been ordered for.

The client has to use his own towels for use at the pool and beach.


Tax and currency

All prices and all payment is in €. In case there is any variation in taxes, or increase of the price, Alfaz del Sol Services reserves it's right to alter the accorded rent. Any changes  shall be notified in advance.


Change or cancellation

Change of the renta! period can be done until 4 weeks prior to arrival.

Cancellation later than 8 weeks before arrival has a charge of 10% of the accorded price, minimum 50€.

Cancellation later than 4 weeks before arrival has a charge of 50% of the accorded price. Cancellation later than

1 week before arrival has a charge of 100% of accorded price up  to 4 weeks.

If the tenant wants to cancel the contract after the period has started, there is a 4 weeks notice.


Cancellation due to illness

The price <loes not include cancellation insurance. We therefore encourage everyone to buy a travel and/or cancellation insurance.


Damage of the property

The tenant has to leave the property in the same conditions as it was upon arrival, except normal deterioration due to its use. The tenant is responsible for any damage to the apartment or its contents during the rental period. Any damage has to be informed at the office of Alfaz del Sol Services without  delay.


House rules

During the stay at Alfaz del Sol the tenant has to respect the house rules, which are provided upon arrival.

These rules are also available in the  apartment.



Noisy activities are not permitted after 23 o'clock and before 7 o'clock in the morning. One has to be

considerate towards the  neighbors.


Pets and allergy

It is not allowed to have pets in the apartment. Nevertheless the landlord can not guarantee there never have been pets in the  apartment.


Use of the pool and Jacuzzi

One has to be considerate towards others when using the pool and Jacuzzi.


Pool rules:

Children under  12 years have to accompanied by an adult.

One has to use adequate clothing. It is compulsory to shower before using the pool

You have to Iock the gate to the pool area

Food is not allowed, but one can bring beverages in plastic bottles or tins

Jumping and plunging is not permitted

The siesta is between  14-17 o'clock

The Jacuzzi is an area of relax

Garbage shall always be put in closed plastic bags or similar. Garbage shall only be deposited in the containers behind the service  center.

Parking is only allowed on the marked parking places. If you rent an apartment with a parking place this follows the agreement of rent. There are separate rules for using the parking places.

Hanging up clothes for drying outdoors can only be done on stands no taller than the terrace/balcony.

Airing shall not be done on the  railings.

Playing ball is not permitted. There is a park close to the  resort.



Smoking is not allowed inside the apartment.


Technical installations

In many of the apartments there are washing machines, dishwasher, microwave, TV, fridge or similar facilities.

The equipment is specified within the apartment. As the equipment is of free disposal for the tenant, the tenant can not forward any claim if there are any unforeseen damages or failure on the equipment.


Other services

Upon purchase of other services as plane tickets and car rental, it will be these companies' terms which have to be applied. Alfaz del Sol Services has no responsibility for parts of the travel beyond the rental agreement.


Reclamation, remedies and errors

The tenant has to control the inventory according to the inventory list in the apartment upon arrival. Ifthere are any deviations this has to be reported the reception as soon as possible, and at the latest the day after arrival. Breakage during the stay has to be replaced by the tenant.



The landlord can change apartment if necessary. The tenant will then receive an equal or better apartment without extra cost.


Liability waiver

The tenant exempts the landlord for any responsibility or damage on objects or persons as a direct cause of the use of the property. The landlord assumes the eivil and criminal responsibility for such damage.

The tenant has to inform the landlord immediately of all abnormal situations or incidences which can have any possible effect on the rented property or its fumiture and equipment.

We are exempted for any misprints.


Sublease and other rights

The tenant can not sublease the property. The tenant has to retum the keys on the day of departure.

The tenant also declines his right to have a right to buy the property according the law of the

24th of November 1994 nr. 29 (Ley de arrendamientos Urbanos) §31, jfr . § 25.


Legal regime and jurisdiction

The right of relationship between the two parts is primarily determined through the contract and law ofrent of the 241 of November 1994 nr. 29 (Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos). Secondarily one will use the civil law.

The agreement is interpreted by  Spanish law. Disputes regarding the interpretation are under the competent courts of Benidorm.


Alfaz del Sol Services sl 03580  Alfaz del  Pi, Spain


Invoice information:



Urb. Plaza del Sol s/n

03580 - Alfaz del Pi (Alicante)


C.I.F /TAX no.: B64609472


Telefono: 0034 966 860 759



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